Tuesday, July 26, 2016

PARCA Administrator Kirstin Leal’s first impressions

SIIM Conference Wrap-up

Administrator Kirstin Leal at PARCA booth SIIM 2016
This was my first time to attend and be a part of the SIIM Conference. It was held in Portland, Oregon from June 29 through July 1, 2016 at the Oregon Convention Center. Since it was my first time, I cannot speak to how well attended and busy the conference was compared to previous years, but comments from other attendees and exhibitors seemed to agree that it seemed to be busier than the previous year.

As for the PARCA booth, we had the good fortune to end up with a booth right in front of the Science and Innovation Pavilion, which automatically provided a great amount of foot traffic and visibility. I had the opportunity to talk with a large number of attendees (about 80-90), collect names and email addresses and have a good dialogue with attendees. Incidentally, our flower highlighters were a huge hit and every single one of them was handed out to eager attendees who made the comment that this was their favorite conference “swag” item.  Overall, I believe this was a great opportunity to raise awareness and meet those who are already PARCA certified, and those who are not! 

For more impressions of SIIM 2016, see Board Member Herman Oosterwijk’s blog post SIIM 2016: My top ten take-away’s

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