Friday, January 9, 2015

Identifying chokepoints is key to providing optimal PACS performance

Michael Lunsford, CEO
Spectrum PACS Services
Michael Lunsford – has been a practicing IT-based PACS administrator in a multi-hospital system with over 15 years of combined IT and PACS Administration, PACS network design and Nuclear Med, MR and CT field engineering experience with companies such as Siemens, Picker and Park Medical. He developed software, called DICOMetrix, which is a complete software platform for analyzing and monitoring radiology, cardiology, PET /CT, teleradiology any DICOM based images delivery system made by any manufacturer. He founded the DICOMetrix company in 2005 and remains its CEO. In 2013, he formed a consulting services company called Spectrum PACS Services that offers the expertise of his and other former PACS vendor support engineers and other IT gurus on his team to provide affordable expert-level help in all aspects of PACS systems performance. 

Q. What do you see as a couple of key issues facing PACS administrators for 2015?