Wednesday, January 30, 2019

HiMSS19 set to get underway Feb. 11-15

PARCA eNews – Jan. 21, 2019 – The annual conference of healthcare IT professionals is set for a four-day run at the Orlando-Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. 

The annual meeting brings together more than 45,000 professionals from healthcare IT, imaging, health information and technology to share and exchange information about how information technologies are transforming healthcare.

This year’s theme is Champions of Health Unite. The theme is intended to spur information professionals to think about the role they play in innovating and advancing healthcare safety, efficiency and quality of care.

Chain Reaction: How Blockchain Technology Brings Value to Healthcare

HiMSS symposium

PARCA eNews – Jan. 24, 2019 – What is blockchain and how might it be used in healthcare? 

If you are intrigued by the blockchain movement in healthcare, HiMSS is sponsoring a daylong symposium on the value blockchain may bring to healthcare.

The preconference symposium will be held, Feb. 11, 2019 at the Orlando-Orange County Convention Center.

Survey shows high cost of cyberattacks

PARCA eNews – Jan. 15, 2019 – The average cost of cyberattacks over the past two years topped $1.1 million, according to Radware, a cybersecurity provider.

The company issued its 2018-2019 Global Application and Network Security Report that shows for organizations that calculate (versus estimate) the cost of an attack, the average cost was $1.67 million. Most of that cost (54%) were in operational and productivity losses. The report also estimated the cost of negative customer experience.

HIPAA fines don’t stop with OCR

PARCA eNews – Jan. 15, 2019 While most of the new about fines levied against healthcare organizations focus on those imposed by the federal government’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR), the enforcement arm of the Department Health and Human Services, the fines don’t stop there.

First iPad Pro-based system for diagnostic reading of radiology images

PARCA eNews – Jan. 10, 2019 – EBM Technologies today announced that its vendor neutral, remote reading system Rad@ has been granted Class II FDA clearance for diagnostic reading of radiological images. 

This clearance has the potential to change the way radiologists work, freeing them from traditional fixed workstations and paving the way for greater work flexibility and financial efficiencies.

US Hospital increasing PACS installation with 3D image technology

PARCA eNews – Jan. 6, 2019 – More than 40 percent of US hospitals have installed radiology 3D image/display technology, a new survey by HiMSS Analytics has found.

In addition, adoption of 3D image/display technology nearly doubled between 2012 and 2017 and that number is expected to increase over the next few years, with nearly 50 US hospitals responding that they are very likely to purchase a radiology 3D image/display solution. The survey found that vendors Terarecon, GE Healthcare, and Toshiba dominate the market.

PACS still largest image management systems in global medical imaging market

PARCA eNews – Jan. 5, 2019 –The global medical image management market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7% over the next six years, according to a report by

The review of medical imaging management systems found that PACS are widely adopted in radiology departments where the majority of imaging studies are handled, managed and stored. In addition there is an increasing incorporation of PACS into other specialties such as cardiology, ophthalmology, oncology, endoscopy, tele radiology, dermatology, pathology, neurology and dentistry

Pacific Northwest VA hospital selects Carestream for enterprise PACS

PARCA eNews – Jan. 8, 2019 – Veterans Affairs hospitals in the Pacific Northwest region, which includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and parts of Montana announced Jan. 8, 2019 that it had selected Carestream to install its Clinical Collaboration Platform throughout the system’s 20 facilities.

Veterans Affairs representatives evaluated multiple PACS suppliers based on their understanding of customer needs, technical specifications, functionality, project governance, implementation plan and timeline, as well as pricing. 

All aboard the Digital Imaging Adoption Model

DIAM Scale indicates where an organization is in terms
of digital imaging 
Get your DIAM score

PARCA eNews – Jan. 25, 2019 – HiMSS is extending the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) into the area of Enterprise Imaging (EI). 

In collaboration with professional societies including the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM), the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EUSOMII), in addition to highly regarded subject matter experts, the organization is expanding its DIAM initiative.