Monday, August 31, 2015

NHS announces long-term image management solution

PARCA eNews – Aug. 4, 2015 – City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust selected Agfa Healthcare Enterprise Imaging platform for the storage, exchange and access to medical images through the electronic patient record (EPR). It is the first enterprise-imaging platform to be implemented in the United Kingdom.

The system will support cardiology and 11 other imaging departments including Cardiology ECGs, Ophthalmology, Medical Photography, Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), Obstetrics and Gynecology, ICCU, Endoscopy, Urology, Point of Care, Laparoscopic and Theatre Monitoring. The system also upgrades the existing PAC system. 

Agfa HealthCare designed the imaging platform to the Trust’s technical and clinical requirements. The system centers a comprehensive enterprise-class imaging and clinical information system that helps the Sunderland hospitals share medical images and information across the system, enabling the meaningful capture, storing, exchange of and access to medical images directly through the EPR. 

The system also includes the latest version of IMPAX, plus Enterprise Imaging XERO Viewer and VNA. The zero-footprint Agfa viewer allows viewing images using only a commonly used Internet browser and a modest network connection.

City Hospitals Sunderland became an NHS Foundation Trust in 2004. it has 894 acute beds, and employs nearly 5,000 people at five hospitals and five health centers.

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