Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Swedish IT professional adds CHEA certification to boost his career development

Mattias  Hörger, gliding over Uppsala, Sweden
Mattias Hörger is a consulting engineer at Mawell, a Swedish health care company specializing in providing quality management solutions for health systems and hospitals across Scandinavia and Great Britain. Its Clinical Process Support division provides quality management solutions for integration of PACS and RIS, digital dictation and speech recognition systems. The Health Care Intelligence division provides IT support for decision support systems, while its Patient Involvement and Care divisions provide online and mobile support for patient engagement and compliance systems, and eldercare counseling and monitoring systems. Hörger is an 8-year veteran of healthcare IT, and holds all PARCA certifications including the recently added CHEA certification.

Q. Describe what Mawell does and give us an idea of who your customers are?

A. Mawell is a leading ehealth provider. Our customers are located across the Nordic region and Great Britain. We deliver innovative applications based on our products as well as expertise to public and private healthcare and welfare organizations. We offer IT consultancy, clinical process support to improve workflow and integration tools for PACS and RIS and integration solutions for health care counseling and elder care monitoring.

Q. What is your role is in the company?

A. I´m a consultant, right now I´m leading the development of DoRIS for Danderyds Hospital, a health provider near Stockholm that is the system owner. It´s a full scale RIS designed for Danderyd, which is the only user, and is now also being integrated with its HIS.

Q. As information architect at Mawell, what made you decide to pursue CHEA certification?

A. The CHEA shows new customers that Mawell has the competence to deliver the quality systems our customers are looking for. I believe there will be growing demand for certified professionals in the future, so I wanted to earn the CHEA certification for my career development.

Q. When and where did you do the course work to complete the CHEA certification?

A. I did the work by myself, I only used Otech´s Guide. I knew most of the material because I have worked with different aspects if health care IT throughout my career, but the course work allowed me to organize it all in my mind.

Q. Has the certification helped you meet your customer's needs or solve a problem?

A. I now have all the PARCA´s certifications, even CPSM that has been retired. I have made good use of the knowledge and it has helped me at every stage of my career.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for colleagues who might be considering getting PARCA certifications?

A. I think it´s a good way to “show your knowledge.” It´s a boost for your CV and allows your company to assure its customers that you have advanced experience validated by third party certifications. It also offers your company an advantage when clients ask for competent people with the certificates.

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  1. Congratulations Mattias! It was a bit lonely being the only one in the CHEA club.