Sunday, June 9, 2013

Colby Dillion first to acquire PARCA's CHEA certification

Colby Dillion is a senior software engineer at PACSHealth, LLC, which develops software for monitoring PACS systems and radiation dose. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company develops software systems for medical imaging technology. Its PACSHealth and DoseMonitor applications use advanced monitoring and reporting tools to improve PACS work flow and throughput. Dillion is a 13-year veteran of healthcare IT, and recently became the first to become a Certified Healthcare Enterprise Architect (CHEA) from PARCA.

Colby Dillion, senior software
engineer for PACSHealth, LLC,
is the first to be CHEA certified
Q. What made you decide to pursue CHEA certification?

I view the entire lineup of PARCA exams to be oriented to those people responsible for system implementation and integration. CHEA has the much deserved title of "capstone" in this line of certifications.

Q. Do you feel that IT executives need to “up their game” in face of the changes occurring with PAC/RIS systems and integration with EHRs and other challenges coming with healthcare reform?

The changes coming with healthcare reform will force everyone to "up their game," especially those in executive positions. PARCA certifications build a solid foundation for the technical requirements coming with healthcare reform.

Q. When and where did you do the course work to complete the CHEA certification?

My preparation for the CHEA certification was entirely based on work experience and self study.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for colleagues who might be considering getting certified?

PARCA certifications show that a person has a current and deep working knowledge of information systems integration. I believe that certifications should be acknowledged and valued by employers.

Q. Have you had any return on your investment yet? Anything you learned that has already helped you solve a problem in your work?

For our DoseMonitor product we implement the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) profile. The knowledge and familiarity of the IHE actors involved in this profile that I have gained from studying for the PARCA certifications has been invaluable.

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